Our Services
ACS Auditors Services

Our services are tailor-made to save administration time for your businesses. These services can be extremely useful for start-up companies, as well as more established businesses who want the comfort of knowing their audit and finance functions are being looked after by a team of dedicated professional accountants.

Audit and Assurance Services
Ultimate solution for your Auditing

At ACS MAJDI we don't just audit the books of accounts, instead we provide our clients with wealth of information, all of which is formulated to give the right direction. Our focused, independent, and in-depth audit and assurance services give you the confidence to plan and drive your business towards the future.

Statutory Audit

Through statutory audit, our professionals ensure:
That the financial statements are prepared and presented as per the International Financial Reporting Standards and International Accounting Standards;
To give assurance to the financial institutions, banks, regulators and stakeholders on the firm's business performance;
To provide value addition with desired management reports with various thought provoking advices and recommendations rather than just do the audit.

The Mission
ACS Auditors Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the nation-building through best 'audit & assurance' practices. Our clients constitute the backbone of the economy of U.A.E.

Whether you are an established enterprise, keen on developing your business needs or a start-up business, our professional services can take you the next level and ensure clients are better taken care of.

The Vision
ACS Auditors Vision

ACS MAJDI's vision is to achieve professional reputation through continuous improvement.